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Mobile Medical Unit (MMU)
IMG_4371.JPGEMTF-7 maintains a Type III MMU with the following capabilities
  • 12 Acute Care Beds
  • Physician, Mid-Level, RN and Paramedic Staffing
  • I-Stat portable blood analyzer
  • Ultrasound
  • 12 Lead Cardiac Monitoring
  • Emergent Pharmaceutical Cache

The MMU can be on the way to a disaster site in under two hours. EMTF MMU's are made to fill the 72 hour gap between local and federal disaster response.


Ambulance Bus (AMBUS)

There are 13 AMBUS's dispersed throughout Texas. The EMTF-7 AMBUS is housed and operated by Austin / Travis County EMS.

Each AMBUS has the following capabilities:

  • Up to 18 supine patients or
  • Up to 24 seated patients or
  • up to 10 wheelchair bound patients
  • EKG telemetry for each supine patient
  • On board oxygen
  • Complete ACLS medications
  • Staffed with 6 Paramedics

While equipped to handle high acuity patients, the primary mission of the AMBUS is the movement of large numbers of low acuity patients, freeing traditional ambulances to handle the more acute population.

AMBUS's are used throughout the state for various missions from long term fire support, mass casualty incidents and facility evacuations.


Ambulance Strike Teams (AST)


Each EMTF Region can provide five ambulance strike teams. Each strike team consists of:

  • One Ambulance Strike Team Leader (ASTL) in a Supervisor / Command vehicle
    •  ASTL is a TEEX class that is offered through out the state annually.
  • Five ambulances of a like type (MICU / ALS / BLS)

Registered Nurse Strike Teams (RNST)


The RN Strike Teams are a group of five Registered Nurses of a like discipline (ED, ICU, NICU...) that respond to affected hospitals to provide needed staffing. These RN's will be working in facilities that have staffing issues due to a natural disaster or other emergency.